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Dear Diwali: Prices of fireworks, sweets up

14th October 2014

Courtesy: The Times of India

Dear Diwali: Prices of fireworks, sweets up

CHENNAI: Be prepared to pay at least 25% more for sweets this Diwali. Traditional favourite Mysorepa is selling at 400 a kg, up from 270 to 340 last year. Other sweets too have witnessed a 25% to 35% rise in prices.

Caterers and famous sweet shops in the city cite increase in labour and input costs as reasons for higher prices. For example, the price per kg of sugar is only marginally higher than last year at 36 but prices of ghee and cooking oil have witnessed a steep increase. Price of ghee has risen from 290 to 400 a kg.

"Daily wages paid to labourers during festival season have gone up. While last year, a labourer sought 1,000 for a day, this year it is not possible to get the same person even if he is offered 1,300," said Chellappa, a caterer in Mylapore. "Unless we pay the money demanded by them, the quality of the sweet or savoury suffers," he said. Regular customers have placed orders for Diwali but we expect more orders by next week as many will try to get sweets fresh mostly a day before the festival, he said.

Grand Sweets and Snacks, which has shops all over the city this year, has increased prices across the board. "We need to maintain quality and therefore use good quality ghee, oil and other ingredients. These ingredients cost more," said an official of the sweet shop chain. Despite only a week being left, Diwali business is yet to gain momentum, he said. "At present regular customers inquire about the availability and delivery of sweets before Diwali and leave," he said.

A Suresh, a caterer in Pallikaranai, is pricing a kilogram of Mysorepa and Badusha at 350 against last years price of 270. "I have got some orders. This year the prices of sweets and savouries will be higher due to higher input costs," said Suresh.

Fireworks prices are 7% to 10% higher compared to last year. "Our raw material and transport costs have increased in the last one year. Like each year, this February, wages were hiked and transport costs have increased due to increase in diesel prices. For us these two constitute a major part of the input costs," said G Adiruben, president of Sivakasi-based Tamil Nadu Fireworks and Amorces Manufacturers Association.

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