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Steep Rise in Prices of Firecrackers

14th October 2014

Courtesy: The New Indian Express

Steep Rise in Prices of Firecrackers

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM : Celebrating Deepavali with firecrackers could be costly this year as the prices of fireworks have soared by about 30 per cent.

The rise in prices is attributed to shortage of labour in fireworks industry and the stringent safety measures imposed by the State Government on the industry. Firecracker traders in the city expressed concern at the business prospects this Deepavali season.

‘’The factory prices of firecrackers have increased by 30 per cent when compared to last time. Sivakasi, the hub of the firecracker industry in the south India, is facing shortage of trained workers. It is learnt that the enforcement of safety measures on a big scale at the firework factories in Sivakasi has also contributed to the rise in prices this time,’’ said Sureshkumar, owner of Suresh Fireworks in Chalai market.

Some of the traders who conducted sales of firecrackers in earlier years have decided not to do so this time because of the price rise in firecracker products. ‘’I decided not to conduct sales of firecrackers this Deepavali, as the prices have risen exorbitantly,’’ said Majid, a trader in Chalai who conducted business till last year.

Last year also, there was an increase in prices of firecrackers by 35 per cent.

According to the fireworks traders here in the city, the sales tax on fireworks has also been increased by as much as 25 per ccent in addition to the rise in the temporary licence fee.

The traders will also have to pay a sum of Rs 2000 to the Fire and Safety Services Department.

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