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Virudhunagar toppers had it easy with disciplined approach

30th May 2016

- The Hindu

Virudhunagar toppers had it easy with disciplined approach

The two girls who bagged the top two district ranks in Plus Two exam were not only studious but also good sportspersons. Both of them want to become Charted Accountants.

V. Nivetha, who stood first with 1,189 marks, had gone up to the State level in handball, while her classmate in The Sivakasi Lions Matriculation Higher Secondary School and second rank holder, S. Samita Devi, was a doubles champion in State-level shuttle champhionship.

The girls say that their concentration level went up with their involvement in sports.

“When I study, I do it with complete focus, even if it is for a short while,” Nivetha said. The girl secured centum in Economics, Commerce, Accountancy and Business Maths.

She got 194 in Tamil and 195 in English.

Coming from a family involved in business, Nivetha would spend one hour for studies from 4.30 a.m. every day. Daily revision of portions taught at school and being attentive in classes helped her. Besides, the daily tests the school conducted also helped her face the exams easily. She never had any private coaching.

However, Devi, who had been a singles champion at State level in shuttle since a young age had to go for doubles for she could not continue with her regular fitness. “My sports activities helped me grasp the subjects with great ease,” she said. Her mother Hema said that her fitness gave her good health, and she could continue her studies without falling sick.

The daily tests conducted at school kept the exam fear away, she said. She scored centum in three subjects, except for Accountancy (199).

Their classmate C.J. Krishna, who shared the district second rank with Devi, was interested in chess and he secured centum in four subjects. However, he had to sacrifice his favourite game for the public exam.

He never missed his favourite programmes on television and also played the game on computer.

Being a school captain, the boy also had to fulfil his responsibilities such as organising school functions, taking care of guest and monitoring students.

Regular revision of the portions and periodical tests and his passion to become a Charted Accountant made his studies less stressful.

The third rank in the district went to a student from Bio-mathetics stream. P. Naveen Prabhu of SHNV Higher Secondary School scored 1,184 with a centum in Mathematics.

Though he was an average student during elementary education, he picked up class VI.

He would always be among the top 10 in the class. Son of a businessman, he would love to burn midnight oil for studies, than getting up before 7 a.m.

He was interested in playing cricket on Sundays with his friends in the neighbourhood and watch television programmes. However, his mother, P. Meenakshi guided him through the final year of school.

With periodical tests conducted at the school he gained speed in writing and improved presentation. However, he did have tense moments during the exams.

Though he has a cut-off mark of 197.5 and is hopeful of getting into medicine, National Eligibility Entrance Test has come as a shocker to him.

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