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How to differentiate Chinese fireworks & Indian Sivakasi Firecrackers

How to differentiate Chinese fireworks & Indian Sivakasi Firecrackers

Any cracker manufactured by a fireworks unit licensed by the Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organisation (PESO) should have a proper label approved by the PESO “This includes details like the name of the company, license number and location. The composition of the chemicals would also be printed on the label,” Deputy Chief Controller of Explosives, Sivakasi, K. Sundaresan said.

People can look for such details to ascertain whether the crackers they are buying were made in India, not imported from China, he said.

However, those units licensed by District Revenue Officers do not contain these kinds of detailed labels, he added. “There is always a chance for Chinese crackers to get a duplicate label without much details. While a common man cannot distinguish it, officials are conducting raids to ensure that no Chinese fireworks are illegally sold,” Mr. Sundaresan said.

People can at least avoid those crackers with labels bearing pictures of Chinese people or letters of the Chinese alphabet. Similarly, those crackers without any label could also be avoided.

Harmful chemicals

Chinese crackers are illegal and not permitted under the Explosives Rules 2008. “This is because Chinese fireworks contain certain chemicals banned by India, like chlorate, red lead, copper oxide and lithium,” Mr. Sundaresan said. These chemicals are highly inimical to the environment and also dangerous. “These crackers are friction and impact sensitive and could harm the users, especially children,” he added.

Explosives Rules 2008, Rule 15

“Marking on fireworks: In case of fireworks, explosive composition, quantity of such composition, whether sound emitting crackers or colour or light emitting crackers, sound level, a caution or warning indicating the name of the item, manufacturer’s name, method of firing, precautions to be taken both in words and pictorial view shall be printed on each piece of fireworks and cardboard box and where adequate space is not available on the fireworks, such caution or warning shall be printed on a separate label and inserted in the smallest packet or carton.”

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