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Temple chariot reaches destination

- Pradeep RaviChandran

Hundreds of devotees resumed pulling the chariots of the deities in the Chithirai Pongal Therottam Festival on 11th May 2018, Friday, and the chariots reached their destination, on 13th May 2018, Sunday. The main ritual of the annual Chithirai Pongal chariot festival started Friday at 4.30 p.m., and the decorated small Vinayaka car reached its destination in around one hour. The Badrakaliamman deity temple car reached its destination on last Sunday. The Chithirai Pongal festival ends 11 days later when the deities make their way back home to the Sivakasi Kadai Kovil. kadaisi thiruvizhaa held on 14th May 2018, Monday.

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