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Panguni Pongal Therottam 2019

- S. Ganesh Kumar

Temple chariot reaches destination

Panguni Pongal Therottam begins on 10th April 2019, Wednesday. After special pujas were performed to the presiding deity Mariamman, the third day of therottam began. Devotees pulled the decorated temple car which carried the idols of presiding deities Goddess Mariamman. The decorated periya ther reached its destination. Earlier devotees prepared and offered pongal to the Goddess. Hundreds of people witnessed Therottam Festival in Sivakasi. A huge posse of policemen, assisted by Traffic Constable and volunteers of Sivakasi Hindu Nadar Uravinmurai, regulated the large gathering. A huge crowd witnessed the colourfully decorated car from the top of various buildings. Some Sivakasians captured the golden moments of therottam in their mobile phones and digital cameras. And today is panguni pongal 2019 kadaisi thiruvizha and Sivakasians busy in buying karuppatti mittal and vellai mittai.

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